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This page discusses the various issues I have encountered with the equipment I use. Post processing of the photos is discussed under “Editing”

Over the many trips I have used and tried to use various equipment.

My current equipment consists of:

  • Pentax K-5 SLR
  • SMC-Pentax-DA 1:4 17-70mm AL[IF] SDM
  • SMC Pentax-DA 1:4 60-250mm ED [IF] SDM
  • SMC-PENTAX-DA 1:3.5-5.6 18-55mm AL
  • Di TAMRON AF 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 TELE-MACRO (1-2) tele zoom lens
  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS3 Pocket Camera

There are many challenges one faces when taking pictures while touring with a group. The following are the ones I have come across in about the order of importance:

  1. Not enough time to setup properly or to take the picture that I want to take (the group keeps moving).
  2. I’m on a bus or in some other transportation vehicle and I can’t stop to take a photo of the things that grab my attention.
  3. Even if I could take a picture the windows of the vehicle are often dirty
  4. I forget to reset the camera settings (especially going from a dark area, such as inside a structure, back into sunshine).
  5. The light reflections from windows, particularly bus and car windows would make for annoying photos.
  6. It’s too dark for a proper image.
  7. I have the wrong lens on the camera and the opportunity is limited.
  8. The SD card is full and I have to take the time to replace it.
  9. The battery is dead and I have to take the time to replace it.
  10. The battery is dead and it was the only one I had with me.
  11. The SD card is full and it was the only one I had with me.
  12. A great scene in the distance but not enough zoom power
  13. Taking a photograph too quickly (the camera hasn’t settled on the focus and light metering).
  14. I forgot to bring a camera.
  15. I forgot to bring the right camera (SLR vs pocket).